Independent Filmmaker Will Adams

About the Artist

My Background


Will Adams  is a trained video and filmmaker who studied and graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2002. Born  in Chicago, Illinois. Will was first introduced to video in his freshman year of high school. As soon as he was able to get his hands on a camera he started producing his own work. While staying up late as a teenager watching HBO, he ran into a 15 minute segment called Behind The Scenes. Since then it has been his dream to produce film.

After finishing College, Will has worked on a variety of video and film projects. He completed his first film in 2007. Since then, he has been writing, Directing and PRODUCING a variety of short and feature films.

Will Adams is an imaginative director, writer, and filmmaker who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through film and video. His works are often noted for how he tells a story through script and visual images on the screen. 

My inspiration comes from all around


My inspiration comes from music, nature and people. I have no set genre. I'm moved by everyone and everything around me.

My Stories


All my stories are original ideas. Even though the film My Enemy's Son was inspired by the song Good Girl Gone Bad. All the ideas put into film were mine.